The Ultimate Car Cover Guide

Expert Tips for Choosing The Right Cover for Your Vehicle


Before buying a car cover you want to make sure you know you’re choosing the right cover for your needs. In this car cover guide we review the different car cover fit options, popular fabrics, how to choose the right indoor or outdoor car cover, and some car cover care tips to help you get the most out of you cover.

Car Cover Fit Options

Custom Fit

Our Covercraft Custom Fit car covers are designed for the specific year, make and model shown. These covers fit the exact shape and size of each vehicle resulting in a perfect fit every time. This snug fit provides superior protection from dust, wind, rain and other elements. Many Custom Fit covers are in stock and ready to ship, please allow 7-10 business days for manufacturing non-stock covers. All Custom Fit CoverCraft covers are manufactured in the USA!

Universal Fit Car Cover on Lincoln

Universal Fit

Our Covercraft universal fit car covers offer a universal fit with basic protection. Designed for a general size and shape of vehicle, these covers fit loosely with no mirror pockets. It is an economical solution for needed coverage, but does not provide the snug fit or superior protection of the Custom Fit cover. Universal Fit car covers are generally in stock and ship within 48 business hours.

Covercraft Cover on Older Pick-Up Truck

Measuring For a Custom Car Cover

Most car covers are applied by year, make and model and are designed for stock vehicles. However, if you have a modified or custom vehicle, we offer “By-Dimension” covers. Visit our dimension sheet page to choose the outline most similar to your vehicle, and then follow the instructions to complete and submit your dimensions. Due to the unique design of each cover please allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing.

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Leaf and Precipitation on Car Cover

How to Choose the Right Car Cover Material

There are many options available when choosing a fabric for your car cover. Many fabrics are specially designed to provide optimum protection for specific conditions. We recommend selecting the fabric that best suits your needs. See details below to find the right cover for you.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

All fabrics can be used indoors but some are designed for indoor use only. Form-Fit®, Dustop™, Polycotton and Tan Flannel are extremely soft and dust resistant, providing the perfect cover for indoor protection.

Fabrics specifically designed for outdoor use are: WeatherShield® HD, WeatherShield® HP, Sunbrella®, Ultra’tect®, NOAH®, Technalon Evolution®, Reflec’tect™, Block-it® 380 and Block-It® 200 Multibond®. Whether layered or woven, each fabric offers a wide-range of protection to defy the rigors of outdoors.

Extreme Heat and UV Rays

Among the fabrics recommended for outdoor use, these are specifically designed to provide additional protection against UV rays in areas of intense sun:

Sunbrella®, WeatherShield® HD, Weathershield® HP, Ultra’tect®, Technalon Evolution® and Reflec’tect

Harsh Winter Weather

Among the fabrics recommended for outdoor use, these are specifically designed to protect your vehicle from the harsh winter weather elements such as rain, snow and ice:

WeatherShield® HD, WeatherShield® HP, NOAH® and Technalon Evolution®.

All Weather Protection

All of our outdoor covers are effective in many environments, but these fabrics provide superior protection for your vehicle, year round.

WeatherShield® HD, Weathershield® HP, Sunbrella®, Ultra’tect®, NOAH® and Technalon Evolution®.

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Covercraft Block-It 200 Car Cover

Fabric Options

Block-It® 200 Multibond®

The economical choice for good, basic protection. Block-It® 200 Multibond® is a 3 layer polypropylene fabric that is breathable, dust, moisture and UV resistant. If you are looking for an inexpensive indoor, limited outdoor cover this fabric is a great choice. 2 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover


Block-It® 380 offers a 3 layer construction. Inner and outer layers of spunbond sandwich a middle layer of breathable film barrier for better water and dust protection. The breathable qualities allow moisture and heat to escape. Block-It 380 is a lighter weight, less expensive version of NOAH®. 3 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Block-It Technalon Evolution Car Cover

Technalon® Evolution®

This 4-layer, non-woven, polypropylene fabric offers great protection in all weather conditions. Protects your car from 99% of the sun’s harmful rays while providing dent and ding protection for hail, debris and other small objects. Breathable, naturally water and dust resistant. Technalon® provides a great cover for outdoor protection in all environments. 4 year warranty. Available in 2 colors.

Covercraft UltraTect Car Cover


Designed to retain color, strength and shape in extended outdoor environments. Highly water repellent with excellent UV protection. Ultra’tect® offers durable, long lasting protection in a compact, easy to store fabric. 4 year warranty. Available in 4 colors.


WeatherShield® HP

The ultimate in all-weather protection. Known for its ability to shed water and stop dust, dirt and tree sap. The silky smooth finish of this cover will glide over your vehicle’s finish. This compact cover offers all weather protection and is machine washable, fade resistant and environmentally friendly! 4 year warranty. Available in 8 colors.


WeatherShield® HD

“Outsmart the Outdoors®” with WeatherShield® HD. Great for intense sun environments and long-term storage. This fabric sheds water while blocking dust, dirt, tree sap and bird droppings. Ideal for harsh sun climates and areas along the coast. 5 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Reflectect Car Cover


This lightweight cover offers great UV protection by using silver urethane-coated polyester to block sun rays. The additional moisture and dust resistant finish makes Reflec’tect™ a good choice for all weather protection. Compact for easy storage. 3 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft NOAH Car Cover


Our most popular winter weather cover, NOAH® is highly water repellent, dust and UV resistant, yet breathable. The NOAH® 4-layer technology and film barrier finish offers protection from nicks, dents, dings and scratches, while a soft and strong bi-component inner layer protects your vehicle’s finish. 5 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Sunbrella Car Cover


This fabric is designed to last in areas with year-round intense sun cover. Thanks to its unique construction process, the acrylic fibers are naturally sun resistant, blocking 99% of UV rays. Solution-dyed, woven fibers protect not only your vehicles exterior, but the interior finish as well. 5 year warranty. Available in 5 colors.

Covercraft Dustop Car Cover

Indoor Only Fabrics


Constructed of 4 layers this flannel-like fabric provides dent and ding protection. Dustop™ is ultra-soft and virtually dust proof, yet light weight and easy to handle. This is our most popular indoor only car cover.4 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Tan Flannel Car Cover

Tan Flannel

The “Classic” indoor cover trusted by car enthusiasts everywhere. The interior flannel will pamper fine paint finishes. Constructed of durable drill weave polycotton blend. 90 day warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Polycotton Car Cover


This woven polycotton blend fabric offers basic indoor protection against dust while giving a soft touch to your vehicle’s finish. 90 day warranty. Available in 1 color.

Covercraft Form-Fit Car Cover in Black


Made with polyester and Lycra/Spandex® for a body-hugging fit with a super soft, fleece-like lining. Provides some dent and ding protection and is highly breathable. A luxurious indoor cover designed to show off the curves of your vehicle while protecting the delicate paint finish. 4 year warranty. Available in 6 colors.

Fabric Comparison Chart


We are happy to send out samples of these materials, free of charge. Please just send us a quick email with your name, address and the names of the materials you would like to see.

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Removing Your Covercraft Car Cover

How To Install a Car Cover

Before applying your cover always make sure your vehicle is clean and dry. Never install the cover when the engine is running, and always allow engines and exhaust pipes to cool before.

Installing your cover

  1. Position the cover on the highest part of your vehicle.
  2. Begin unrolling outward toward either end of the vehicle. All covers are labeled “FRONT” at the front of the cover.
  3. Continue to unfold the cover applying any mirror pockets and antenna sleeves/ grommets before carefully placing the elastic corners around the bumpers of the vehicle.

Removing your cover

Before removing your cover and folding for storage, make sure it is free of any moisture to prevent mildew.

  1. Begin removing the cover at either end of the vehicle by carefully pulling upward while avoiding any sharp edges or angles. Allow your cover to lie on the vehicle while you lift and fold each side of the cover lengthwise inward toward the center of the cover.
  2. After both sides of the cover have been folded inward, stand at the front of the vehicle and begin rolling the cover inward pulling it toward you. As you roll the cover, continue to pull in the sides to create a more compact result.
  3. Be sure to store your cover in a safe and dry area.

Note: If you cover is ever frozen to the vehicle due to ice or snow, let it defrost before attempting to remove it. You may also pour lukewarm water over the frozen area to speed up this process.

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Caring for your Covercraft Car Cover

Caring for Your Car Cover

The performance of your car cover can be severely affected by dirt that is on and within the material. It can cause the windshield and paint to become dirty and “fogged” as well as create “wicking” which will cause the cover to pull water through the fabric, rather than repel it. Cleaning your cover will help to keep your vehicle clean and will increase the service life of the cover.

NEVER...Clean a car cover in a washer with a center agitator (except WeatherShield® HP fabric covers).
NEVER...Use fabric softener.
NEVER...Dry a non-woven or specialty type cover in a dryer. (See Cover Fabric Guide for directions for drying all fabrics)

Washing a Cover

1. Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner (some WeatherShield® covers are compact enough to be washed in a normal size washer). Put the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after it’s filled with warm water or pour it directly in the machine (some wall mounted commercial units), then put in the cover and start the machine .

2. Rinse the cover twice to remove all the cleaner.

3. Air dry (unless it’s one of the covers noted above that can be dried in a dryer with regular or low heat).

4. A cover may also be cleaned by turning it inside-out on the vehicle.

5. Mix one ounce Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per quart of warm water.

6. Spray or sponge onto cover.

7. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to air dry.

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