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Better Covers. Better Service.

Two simple reasons why you should choose a Carver Boat Cover: "Better Covers. Better Service." 

A lot goes into that simple statement though. Carver Industries has been manufacturing the countries best quality Boat Covers in a small town in South Carolina for over 25 years now. The pride that goes into the manufacturing of each Boat Cover that leaves their door is well deserved. While other Boat Cover manufacturers were sending production overseas and trying to figure out how to cut cost, Carver was trying to figure out how to build an even better product while keeping cost low for the consumer. Choose a Carver Cover for your next Boat Cover and you too can share the pride in investing in an American Made product that is built to withstand the rigors of boating.

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Why Carver?

American Made Matters. Support American Manufacturing with a Carver Boat Cover.

Attention to Detail

All Carver Boat Cover seams are folded four-ply and double stitched with marine grade anti-wick thread leaving no raw edges. Because seams take so much stress and constant exposure to the elements you want to be sure your cover is constructed with quality thread and attention to detail.

Better Materials

All Carver Covers are made using marine grade fabrics that are proven performers in the marine industry. Choose from recognized names like Sunbrella and Sun-DURA.

American Made

Over the past 25 years Carver's devotion to offering an American made product has only grown stronger. Over 90% of the components used in manufacturing a Carver Cover are USA made. You too can share the pride in owning an American made product that is built to last!


We stand behind the products we sell! When you purchase a Carver Cover from CoverQuest you will experience Customer Service the way it is meant to be. Service like this doesn't just fall into place overnight, we have been perfecting this art since 1997.

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Carver has you covered!

No matter they type of boat you have, from a fishing boat to a cabin cruiser, we have the Carver Cover for your boat.