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Dustop Car Cover Storage Bag

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Warranty 4 year warranty
  • Made in the USA


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Product Ratings

  • 5 Dent/Ding Protection
  • 5 Softness

Product Description

Constructed of 4 layers, this flannel-like fabric provides dent and ding protection. Dustop™ is ultra-soft and virtually dust proof, yet light weight and easy to handle. This is our most popular indoor only car cover.

Dustop Car Cover Storage Bag Description

Don't ball-up your car cover in the trunk! Store it the right way with a Car Cover Storage Bag. Made from the same durable material to match your car cover. Use this storage bag to hold your folded or rolled-up car cover so that it won't take up too much space in your trunk or rear-cargo area.

The Covercraft Car Cover Storage Bag holds any car cover for dust-free storage.


  • The Covercraft Car Cover Storage Bag provides dust-free storage for any car cover
  • A more compact way to hold your cover in your trunk or garage
  • Made of durable matching car cover material with a drawstring closure
  • A great way to keep your car cover dust-free when not on your vehicle