Bimini Top FAQs

Why should I purchase a CoverQuest Bimini Top?

When you choose a CoverQuest Bimini Top, you are choosing quality and durability. We only offer tops from the industry’s leading manufacturers: Carver Industries and Westland Industries. All of our tops are Designed and engineered in the USA with the strongest materials and components, and they are guaranteed to last. Not only are our products superior to our competitors, our customer service is unsurpassed. Our friendly staff knows that selecting a Bimini Top can sometimes bring up questions, and we are here to help. Questions about material, installation, fitment or sizing? Give us a call, send an email, or talk with us on Live Chat!  

I don’t see my year, make, and model listed. Can I still get a Bimini Top for my boat?

Yes! We apply many Bimini Tops to boats by make, model, and year. However, if you do not see your model listed, or if you prefer to choose your own size, we can always build a top by dimensions instead. We offer Bimini Tops in all sizes and styles to suit your needs. 

How do I measure for a Bimini Top?

Bimini Tops come in a range of sizes. Measuring for one is simple – first, determine your mounting width. This is the width between the two points where you wish to mount the top to the boat. Next, measure how high you would like it to be, from the mounting point up. Lastly comes length. Most Bimini Tops are 6’ or 8’ in length, so choose the length which works best for your boat and needs. View more detailed measuring instructions in our Bimini Top Guide. 

The frame for my Bimini Top is still in good shape, do you sell the canvas only (or vice versa)?

We offer both replacement canvases/fabric as well as replacement frames and hardware for your top. Our Bimini Tops are made by Carver or Westland Industries. If you have one of their tops, we can offer you an original equipment replacement. If you have a top by another manufacturer, we also offer canvases which are made to work with a variety of manufacturer’s frames. Additionally, we offer replacement hardware which works with most Bimini Tops on the market.

Our 4 Bow Pontoon Bimini Top Replacement Canvases are made to work with any manufacturers Pontoon Bimini Top provided it is a 4 bow construction (4 pieces of metal which go through the canvas), and 8’, 9’, or 10’ in length. These Bimini Top Replacement Canvases are made for tops which mount between 96”-102”, which is the standard mounting width for a pontoon Bimini Top. To determine which size you need, simply measure your canvas or frames full length, when it is layed out/completely deployed. This replacement canvas comes with zippered sleeves for easy installation, and a cut out for your running light. Matching Storage Boots are sold separately. 

Our 3 Bow Bimini Top Replacement Canvases are designed to work with our Carver Bimini Top frames. However, if your bimini top frame is a 3 bow construction and 6’ in length then it could work for your frame as well. We have multiple widths available – just measure the width of your existing canvas. A matching storage boot is included with each 3 Bow Bimini Top Replacement Canvas. 

How long does it take to assemble and mount a Bimini Top?

It takes the average person about an hour to fully install one of our Bimini Tops without assistance. We provide detailed installation instructions and how-to videos on how to assemble and mount your new Bimini Top. 

View How to Assemble a Bimini Top Video

View How to Install a Bimini Top Video

What is the Bimini Top frame made of?

We offer Bimini Top frames in both aluminum and stainless steel options. Our Bimini Tops come standard with aluminum framing and nylon fittings.

Our standard round tube aluminum tops are made with 7/8” diameter brite-dipped anodized aluminum tubing. The main bow of our Bimini Tops is double walled for added strength. Black nylon fittings come standard, however, a stainless steel fittings and hardware upgrade is also available.

Our square tube Pontoon Bimini Tops are made with 1” diameter square aluminum tubing. All Pontoon Bimini Tops are made from aluminum framing with nylon fittings. 8’ and 9’ Pontoon Bimini Tops come standard with a free rear brace kit (to use in place of hold down straps), and 10’ long pontoon tops come with braces for both the front and rear.

Can I mount my Bimini Top to my boat’s tower?

Yes! We offer Tower Mounting Bimini Tops made to attach to the tower with clamps, so no drilling is needed. These tops are 5’ long and 26’’ tall. Simply measure your mounting width between the tower legs to determine which size you need. We may have already measured for you – check our make, model, year search to see if your boat is listed with your specific tower. We also offer optional brace kits for our Tower Bimini Tops which eliminate the use of hold down straps.

What accessories might I need for my Bimini Top?

Our Bimini Tops already come with everything you need to install and enjoy them on your boat. While it is not necessary to purchase anything additional, we do offer optional accessories.

Brace Kits are our most popular Bimini Top accessory. Our Bimini Tops come standard with hold down straps in the front and in the back. When the Bimini Top is in the storage position, it will lie down against the gunnel of your boat. Some prefer to keep the Bimini Top up and out of the way at an angle. By adding a brace kit, you can keep your top closed and folded back and still have plenty of room to move around your boat with ease.

Another popular accessory are Quick Release Pins, which are sold in pairs. These pins will replace the screws in the Bimini Tops deck hinge. Quick release pins are great to use with Bimini Top brace kits, as they will allow you to release your brace and lay your top down without the use of tools. You can also replace the screws on your main deck hinge with quick release pins, which enable you to quickly remove the entire Bimini Top from the boat if needed.

Slide Track Kits are a popular accessory, especially for fishing and bass boats. When using a slide track kit, you will mount sliding tracks to each side of your boat, then install the Bimini Top within the tracks. This will allow you to slide the Bimini Top out of the way when it is not in use. A slide track kit can also be used to move your Bimini Tops location, providing shade to different areas of the boat. To achieve this, you would simply need to purchase additional eye straps, so you have somewhere to clip your tops hold down straps when its location is adjusted.

What materials are available for my Bimini Top?

We offer only the best marine grade materials in the industry. Our Bimini Tops are available in the following fabrics:

The 9.25-ounce Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic is our best Bimini Top canvas material, and is in fact considered one of the best materials in the marine industry. Sunbrella/Outdura is 100% Acrylic, and is produced by Glen Raven Mills in North Carolina. This fabric is solution-dyed for maximum fade resistance, and it has a 10-year warranty. Sunbrella/Outdura is well known for being one of the best fabrics on the market for UV protection blocking out over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. It is 100% breathable and also highly water repellent. We offer Sunbrella/Outdura Bimini Tops made by both Carver and Westland Industries.

The 7.6 ounce Sun-DURA is another excellent Bimini Top material option. It comes in 11 different color choices and offers a 7-year warranty. Sun-DURA is a marine grade polyester which is solution dyed for resistance to fading. This material is both highly water repellent and UV resistant. We offer Sun-DURA Bimini Tops made by Carver Industries.

The 7.5-ounce Sharkskin Supreme is a 100% solution-dyed polyester canvas. It is highly water repellent, breathable, and mildew resistant. This material is offered in 5 different color options. Sharkskin Supreme Bimini Tops come with a 7-year warranty and are made by Westland Industries.

The 6.5-ounce Sharkskin Plus is another popular fabric option, and is made from 100% polyester with an applied marine grade acrylic coating. It is light weight yet very durable. This material comes with a 5-year warranty and is available in 10 different color options. Sharkskin Plus Bimini Tops are made by Westland Industries.

All CoverQuest Bimini Tops are designed and engineered in the USA with high quality materials and components. Visit our Bimini Top Guide to learn more about our tops.

How fast can I travel with my Bimini Top deployed?

Our manufacturers rate their Bimini Tops at a max speed of 35 mph for safety. If you intend to go faster than 35 mph, you can thru bolt your top for added security.

Do you offer an automatic Bimini Top?

We offer automatic Bimini Tops for pontoon and deck boats. These tops go up and down with the push of a button! The PWR-ARM II is an automatic Pontoon Bimini Top made by Schwintek. This top is designed to mount between widths of 92”-102”, and will work with most deck boats along with all pontoon boats. This top offers 10’ of coverage and is 51’’ high from the mounting point up. The PWR ARM comes with everything you need to install. The Bimini Top is made by Schwintek in Cassopolis, Michigan and is available in 8 different color options, with the option of a silver or black frame.