Boat Cover Fabric Options

9.25 oz. Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic

9.25 oz. Sunbrella/Outdura Acrylic is a 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic material. Sunbrella/Outdura is our number-one performance fabric in beauty and quality. This solution-dyed fabric provides the best mildew, moisture and UV protection combined with fade resistant color. Sunbrella/Outdura is long lasting, durable, and 100% breathable. Additional “Special Order” colors available, please call for details. Made in the USA and imported.

7.6 oz. Sun-DURA

7.6 oz. Sun-DURA is a 100% solution dyed marine grade polyester. The solution dying of this fabric allows it to retain its color and water repellent properties better than any other fabric. The Sun-DURA’s 600-denier tight weave offers superior resistance to UV rays, mildew, fading, and tearing. Carver’s unique finish will allow the cover to breathe while providing exceptional water repellency.

9 oz. Prism

Prism is known for its ability to remain flexible in all types of weather. The 9 oz. two-ply polyester is double coated preventing the cover from cracking, peeling or hardening in all climates. It is highly resistant to UV rays, mold, mildew and nearly all chemical degrading products. This material can be used for storage, mooring, or trailering.

8 oz. WeatherMax

WeatherMax is an 8 oz. solution-dyed, breathable fabric. The lighter weight of this material makes it easy to install and remove the cover while the vinyl element of the material provides strength and long-lasting durability. Sagging from age, rain, or exposure is avoided using engineered yarn memory. This “memory” is responsible for maintaining the cover’s shape and appearance. Expect this breathable fabric to retain its brilliant and beautiful color, ensuring that your WeatherMax cover lasts for a very long time. This material is ideal for storage, mooring, and travel.

7.5 oz. Sharkskin Supreme

7.5 oz. Sharkskin Supreme is a 100% solution dyed polyester fabric. This material is water repellent, durable, and retains its color over time.

6.5 oz. Sharkskin Plus

6.5 oz. Sharkskin Plus is a 100% acrylic coated polyester material. This material is breathable, water repellent, and mildew resistant. Made in the USA.

13 oz. Travel Tuff

Travel Tuff is a 13 oz. 100% coated polyester, making it great for tailoring, mooring, and storage. The coated polyester offers a strong, durable and tear resistant cover for years of protection. This material is UV resistant, water repellent, and guards against mold and mildew. Travel Tuff is ideal for mooring, storage, and travel.

5.3 oz. Poly-Flex II

5.3 oz. Poly-Flex II is a 100% Marine Grade Polyester. It is breathable and lightweight, yet strong. This material is water repellent, UV and mildew resistant; providing protection against dust, dirt, and debris. Designed and engineered in the USA.

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