Boat Cover FAQs

What Boat Cover fit options does CoverQuest offer? 

CoverQuest offers three different fit types: Custom Fit, Styled-to-Fit® (or semi-custom), and Flex-Fit Pro. 

A Custom Fit cover is designed and patterned for your specific boats year, make, and model and is a true custom fit with reinforcements at all key stress points. Custom fit covers are very snug and fit like a glove. These covers are made with draw rope in the hem, which usually exits at the transom, allowing you to tighten the cover to the boats hull. Tie down loops are sewn every 2-3 feet around the hem of the cover. This fit type is suitable for trailering and all types of storage. 

A Styled-to-Fit® cover or a Semi-Custom Fit cover, is designed and patterned for your specific boats style and dimensions. Unlike most Semi-Custom covers on the market our Styled-to-Fit® cover will fit only one style and size boat verses a range of styles and sizes. Styled-to-Fit® covers offer a nice snug fit making them suitable for trailering and all types of storage. Carver’s Styled-to-Fit® cover will have a shock cord sewn into the hem. Westland’s Semi-Custom Fit cover will have a draw rope sewn into the hem. Shoretex’s Semi-Custom Fit cover will have an adjustable shock cord sewn into the hem. Tie down loops are sewn every 2-3 feet around the hem of all Semi-Custom Fit covers.

A Flex Fit Pro boat cover is designed to be a more general fit, fitting your boats style and size along with other boats of similar styles and sizes. These covers are very easy to install and remove, due to their more generous fit and easy to handle fabric.  Flex-Fit Pro covers are also trailerable when properly installed. Flex-Fit Pro covers are a good economical choice and are great for indoor or outdoor storage. 

Whether you are storing, mooring, or trailering with your new cover, it is important to have your cover secured and supported properly. This will not only help to ensure the best fit, but will prolong the life of your cover, helping to protect your boat for years to come. Browse and purchase CoverQuest Boat Cover Accessories.

If you would like to see more information on fit, please visit our Boat Cover Guide.

Do CoverQuest covers breathe?

Yes! All of the covers we offer are breathable. It is extremely important when selecting a cover that it be breathable. If a cover is not breathable, moisture evaporating from the ground or the boat can get trapped under the cover creating mold, mildew, and rust. 

Beware of materials described as “Waterproof”. Waterproof materials are generally coated with an applied water repellency. When a material is coated, the pores of the fabric are essentially clogged, meaning air is no longer allowed to pass through. This can result in damage to your boat. CoverQuest covers are highly water repellent while maintaining breathability. Chat with a CoverQuest expert to determine which material is best for your area.

What is the difference between Waterproof and Water Repellant covers?

Breathability is the biggest difference when it comes to fabrics which are designated as “waterproof” verses fabrics which are designated as “water repellent”. Waterproof fabrics are often coated with rubber or plasticized synthetic resins, making them non-breathable and subject to cracking in extreme heat or cold conditions. Waterproof covers only work to block out moisture from precipitation. In the same way the waterproof material blocked the precipitation out it will hold the moisture in as well. When moisture is present, whether it be from humidity, condensation, or rain evaporation, it will become trapped under a waterproof cover creating mold, mildew, and rust. 

All CoverQuest boat covers are 100% water repellant shedding the same amount of precipitation as a waterproof cover while maintaining the high level of breathability necessary in a marine environment. All of our boat cover fabrics are treated with a marine grade water repellency that allows them to retain their canvas properties and not take on that rubber or plasticized feel. If you are not sure which of our materials is best for your boat please call, email or live chat with us. One of our Cover Experts would be happy to assist you. You can also find more information on our fabrics in our Boat Cover Guide. 

My boats make, model, or year is not listed. Could CoverQuest still offer a cover for it?

We work hard to make sure our boat cover application guide is as comprehensive as possible. However, if you find that your boats make, model, or year is not listed we can most likely still cover your vessel. Below are additional methods for locating the right boat cover for your boat:

1. We offer covers from three of the top boat cover manufacturers in the marine industry. If you do not see your boat listed in your initial search simply select a different cover manufacturer from the brand selector within the search box.

2. Use our boat cover Style Finder to choose your boat style from the list, and then select your dimensions to see material options and pricing.

3. Contact us. We would love to help you find the right cover!

Will CoverQuest Boat Covers work when a Bimini Top is mounted to the boat?

Yes! Our covers will work when the bimini top is folded down lying against the gunnels. Most bimini tops will protrude above the gunnels or sides of the boat. Our covers are made to allow for the added height of a folded bimini top. 

We also offer a select group of custom fit covers that are designed to allow the original equipment bimini top to exit the cover when left on the braces. When this is the case it will be noted in the make, model, and year listing. 

Can CoverQuest covers be used for mooring?

Our covers are designed for trailering, storage on a trailer or lift, and mooring. If mooring or storing on a lift, pair your cover with a pack of our suction cup tie downs or mooring bags. Suction cup tie downs will suction to the side of the boat, while toggle ball ties fasten to the tie down loops sewn along the hem of the cover. Mooring Bags are designed to be filled with sand and attached to the loops within the covers hem, holding your cover in place during storage.

Does CoverQuest offer “Snap-on" or "Partial/Cockpit" Boat Covers?

CoverQuest offers full boat covers which are designed to cover and protect your entire boat resting 3-6 inches below your boat’s rubrail. We do not offer snap-on or partial covers. These covers are only available directly through your boats manufacturer or dealership for several years after the boats production. Snap-on and partial covers can also be obtained by going through a local custom or sew shop. 

Can CoverQuest Boat Covers be used for trailering?

Yes, our Custom and Semi-Custom covers are suitable for trailering in all materials offered (with the exception of the Shoretex fabrics Sunburst and Masterduck) when tied down properly. Please be sure to check-out our boat cover tie down kits and installation instructions to make sure you are ready for your next trip!

Note: When trailering, always use heavy duty tie downs, never bungees. Bungees are not suggested because they stretch, and they are not considered sufficient for holding your cover in place while trailering. Bungees can also damage your boats hull. 

How do CoverQuest Boat Covers secure to the boat?

CoverQuest Boat Covers are designed to rest 3-6 inches below the boat’s rubrail. All of our covers will come with a shock cord or draw rope in the hem, which will help hold the cover securely to the boat. All covers will have tie down loops sewn every 2-3 feet throughout the hem. There are a few options for securing the cover depending on how the boat is being stored. Tie down straps are passed through the tie down loops and are used when the boat is on a trailer or lift. Mooring bags or Suction Cup Tie Downs attach to the tie down loops and are used to secure the cover when the boat is in the water.  

How do I install my CoverQuest Boat Cover?

Visit our Boat Cover installation instructions in our Boat Cover Guide to learn the best way to install your cover.

Do I need tie down straps and support poles?

We highly recommend support poles and tie downs with the use of any cover. These will not only help prolong the life of your cover but help it to protect your boat for years to come. When a cover is both properly supported and tied down, this ensures there are no low areas where water is allowed to pool. Pooling water is the number one cause of premature material breakdown, so it’s important you make sure your cover is not only tied down, but supported as well. 

All Carver Boat Covers and Westland Custom Fit Boat Covers include a tie down kit (twelve straps). 

Will my CoverQuest boat cover come with a motor cover?

All Carver Boat Covers will come with a motor cover. Carver’s Custom Fit covers will come with either an attached or detached motor cover depending on the make, model, and year of the boat. Please contact us if you would like to know what to expect with the Custom Cover for your boat. All Carver Styled-to-Fit® (Semi-Custom) covers designed for boats with outboard motors come with an attached motor cover. Carver pontoon boat covers will come with detached motor covers. 

Westland Boat Covers generally do not come with motor covers. Motor covers for Westland Boat Covers are sold separately. 

All Shoretex Custom Fit Boat Covers come with outboard motor covers and offer the option of attached or detached. Please specify your preference when ordering a Shoretex Boat Cover.

How do I care for my CoverQuest Boat Cover?

Protect your investment by following our care tips for your cover.

  • Avoid letting water, snow, or debris stand on the cover. The use of support poles or a y-strap support system will help prevent this and allow water to drain off of the cover.
  • Always tie the cover down securely. When trailering, use heavy duty tie-down straps. Do not use bungee cords that can stretch or scratch, potentially causing damage to the cover and your boat.
  • Take the precaution of padding windshields, trolling motors, depth finders, etc. to give the cover reinforcement around stress areas. You can accomplish this with many things such as towels, pool noodles, or even our boat cover reinforcement kit. Keep in mind that Custom Covers will come with reinforcements sewn in at key stress points.   
  • Keep your cover looking its best by regularly brushing away any loose dirt with a soft brush, then rinsing with lukewarm water.
  • Clean your cover every 8-10 months (or as necessary) using a solution of lukewarm water and a mild soap such as Ivory. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.
  • Always allow your boat cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.
  • We highly recommend 303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner which is safe and effective. Please note however that repeated cleanings with chemical cleaners can diminish the water repellency of marine canvas. Use 303 High Tech Fabric Guard to restore water repellency to factory-new levels.

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