Car Cover Fabric Options


Block-It® 380 offers a 3 layer construction. Inner and outer layers of spunbond sandwich a middle layer of breathable film barrier for better water and dust protection. The breathable qualities allow moisture and heat to escape. Block-It 380 is a lighter weight, less expensive version of NOAH®. 3 year warranty. Available in 1 color.


Designed to retain color, strength and shape in extended outdoor environments. Highly water repellent with excellent UV protection. Ultra’tect® offers durable, long lasting protection in a compact, easy to store fabric. 4 year warranty. Available in 4 colors.

WeatherShield® HP

The ultimate in all-weather protection. Known for its ability to shed water and stop dust, dirt and tree sap. The silky smooth finish of this cover will glide over your vehicle’s finish. This compact cover offers all weather protection and is machine washable, fade resistant and environmentally friendly! 4 year warranty. Available in 8 colors.

WeatherShield® HD

“Outsmart the Outdoors®” with WeatherShield® HD. Great for intense sun environments and long-term storage. This fabric sheds water while blocking dust, dirt, tree sap and bird droppings. Ideal for harsh sun climates and areas along the coast. 5 year warranty. Available in 1 color.


This lightweight cover offers great UV protection by using silver urethane-coated polyester to block sun rays. The additional moisture and dust resistant finish makes Reflec’tect™ a good choice for all weather protection. Compact for easy storage. 3 year warranty. Available in 1 color.


Our most popular winter weather cover, NOAH® is highly water repellent, dust and UV resistant, yet breathable. The NOAH® 4-layer technology and film barrier finish offers protection from nicks, dents, dings and scratches, while a soft and strong bi-component inner layer protects your vehicle’s finish. 5 year warranty. Available in 1 color.

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