Car Cover FAQs

Does CoverQuest offer custom fit car covers?

CoverQuest offers custom fit car covers for just about any vehicle. These covers are made specifically to fit your vehicles year, make, and model. The majority of our custom car covers feature mirror pockets, and all of these covers will provide a perfect, glove like fit. We also offer universal fit covers, which provide a less tailored fit while still offering excellent protection. 

Where are your car covers made?

CoverQuest only offers the best covers available on the market. Our car covers are made by Covercraft Industries in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. Covercraft has been in business since 1965, and they have over 80,000 patterns in their library! 

I just need a partial car cover, do you offer these?

CoverQuest offers partial vehicle covers which provide quick and easy protection. We offer partial interior covers for convertibles and cab only covers for pickup trucks. Some customers prefer partial covers for on the go storage, since they are a bit quicker to put on and take off. This style of cover is great for providing UV protection to the vehicles interior while also acting as a theft deterrent. 

I don’t see my year, make, and model listed. Do you have a car cover for me?

Even if we do not list your vehicle, we can most likely still cover it. If Covercraft does not have a pattern, we can easily create one using your vehicles dimensions. Call us with any questions regarding finding the correct cover for your vehicle – we are always happy to help!

My car has been modified from the stock version. Can my car still be covered?

CoverQuest can most certainly work with you to determine what modifications need to be made to the cover to ensure it fits your specific vehicles features perfectly. Whether you may have added a spoiler, skirt, or even chopped your top, rest assured we can make adjustments to the cover which may be needed to create the perfect fit. Depending on the type of modifications done to your vehicle, a photo or a few dimensions may be requested. Contact us now to get started creating the perfect custom fit cover for your one of a kind auto.  

Can you cover vehicles such as motorcycles, dune buggies, or dragsters?

Yes - CoverQuest offers covers for all of these, plus many other types of vehicles. We can cover just about anything with wheels! Call or chat with us today to start crafting the perfect custom cover for your unique vehicle. 

Which material should I go with?

Your material choice should be based upon a few different factors. Are you covering your vehicle indoors or outdoors? Does your location often receive intense sun, snow storms, heavy rains, or high winds? What is the main thing you are looking for your cover to offer protection from? All of these things will factor into determining which material is the best for your purpose.

We offer 5 materials that are meant for indoor use only. These materials are Polycotton, Dustop, Fleeced Satin, Tan Flannel, and Form Fit. Their warranties range from 90 days to 4 years. 

We offer 9 materials which are designed for outdoor use. These materials are Block-It 200, Block-It 380, Reflec’tect, NOAH, Ultra’tect, Block-It Technalon Evolution, WeatherShield HP, Sunbrella, and WeatherShieldHD. These materials can of course be used indoors as well. These fabrics feature warranties which range from 2 to 6 years.

Visit our Auto Cover Guide for detailed information about our material options and which fabric may be best for you.

What other protective covers and accessories do you provide for my vehicle?

We offer a variety of protective covers for your vehicle, such as dash covers and seat covers. We also have accessories such as floormats, front end masks, and windshield heat shields. CoverQuest offers products which provide protection to all aspects of your vehicle, ensuring it will look and feel like new for years to come. 

How do I care for my car cover?

You can wash your car cover in a large commercial washer without an agitator, using ¼ cup of Simple Green as your detergent. Weathershield HP car covers may be washed in a standard home washing machine. Make sure to rinse your cover twice to ensure there is no soap residue remaining. Spread the cover out and allow it to air dry.

You can also clean your cover while it is on the vehicle! Simply use a hose to rinse off both the top and the underside of the cover. To rinse the underside of the cover, turn it inside out and put it on the vehicle. Because all of our fabrics are breathable, the cover may also be left on the vehicle to dry. 

How do I install my car cover?

Before applying your cover always make sure your vehicle is clean and dry. Never install the cover when the engine is running, and always allow engines and exhaust pipes to cool before installing a cover.

First, position your cover at the highest part of your vehicle. Then, begin rolling outward toward the front and rear of your vehicle. The cover will be labeled “FRONT” at the vehicles nose. Continue to unfold the cover and be sure that mirror pockets, antenna sleeves, and grommets are placed properly before placing the elastic corners around the bumpers of the vehicle. To remove your cover, start at the bumpers and work towards the center of the vehicle folding the cover lengthwise. From the front of the vehicle tightly roll the cover pulling it towards you. Be sure to store your cover in a dry area when not in use. Storage bags are available in matching cover materials. 

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