Care and Cleaning Your Car Cover

The performance of your cover can be severely affected by dirt that is on and within the material. It can cause the windshield and paint to become dirty and “fogged” as well as create “wicking” which will cause the cover to pull water through the fabric, rather than repel it. Cleaning your cover will help to keep your vehicle clean and will increase the service life of the cover.

NEVER...Clean a car cover in a washer with a center agitator (except WeatherShield® HP fabric covers). NEVER...Use fabric softener. NEVER...Dry a non-woven or specialty type cover in a dryer. (See Cover Fabric Guide for directions for drying all fabrics)

How to Wash a Car Cover

1. Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner (some WeatherShield® covers are compact enough to be washed in a normal size washer). Put the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after it’s filled with warm water or pour it directly in the machine (some wall mounted commercial units), then put in the cover and start the machine .

2. Rinse the cover twice to remove all the cleaner.

3. Air dry (unless it’s one of the covers noted above that can be dried in a dryer with regular or low heat).

4. A cover may also be cleaned by turning it inside-out on the vehicle.

5. Mix one ounce Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per quart of warm water.

6. Spray or sponge onto cover.

7. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to air dry.

Covercraft Care and Installation Instructions


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