How to Install a Car Cover

Before installing your car cover ALWAYS make sure your vehicle is clean and dry. Never install the car cover when the engine is running, and always allow engines and exhaust pipes to cool before applying the cover.

  1. Position the cover on the highest part of your vehicle, with the front of the cover pointing towards the hood. All car covers are labeled “Front” at the front of the cover.
  2. Begin unrolling the car cover outward towards either end of the vehicle.
  3. Continue to unfold the cover applying any mirror pockets and antenna sleeves / grommets before carefully placing the elastic corners around the bumpers of the vehicle.

How to Correctly Remove a Car Cover

Before removing your cover and folding for storage, make sure it is free of any moisture to prevent mildew.

  1. Begin removing the cover at either end of the vehicle by carefully pulling upward while avoiding any sharp edges or angles. Allow your cover to lie on the vehicle while you lift and fold each side of the cover lengthwise inward toward the center of the cover.
  2. After both sides of the cover have been folded inward, stand at the front of the vehicle and begin rolling the cover inward pulling it toward you. As you roll the cover, continue to pull in the sides to create a more compact result.
  3. Be sure to store your cover in a safe and dry area.

Note: If you cover is ever frozen to the vehicle due to ice or snow, let it defrost before attempting to remove it. You may also pour lukewarm water over the frozen area to speed up this process.

Covercraft Installation and Care Instructions

Removing Your Covercraft Car Cover

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