Measuring Your Car Cover

37_Ford_Trk_cvr (5).jpg

We set out to make getting the perfect fitting car cover as easy as possible with our vehicle search tool. Most of our Car Covers are applied by year, make and model and are designed for stock vehicles. However, if you have a specialize or custom car (hood scoops or other aftermarket modifications) we offer “By-Dimension” car covers.

Our Custom Covers By Dimensions page offers several downloads, you can find the vehicle most similar to yours and fill in the custom measurements. We collect measurements from multiple height, width and length points of the vehicle to ensure you get the best fitting cover for your customized vehicle.

Custom Car Covers By Dimensions are submitted from the page and reviewed by our car cover pros on receipt. On review and confirmation you’ll want to allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing due to the unique design of each cover.

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