RV Cover Fabric Options

ADCO Olefin HD 

Ideal for all weather climates, especially areas with high UV exposure and wind. The Olefin HD top roof panel provides maximum protection from moisture and the sun’s damaging rays. This roof panel extends partially down the front, back, and sides of the unit to provide extra protection and greater durability. Two-toned gray, triple layered polypropylene sides ensure maximum breathability, durability, and virtually eliminate mold and mildew. 3 year warranty. All ADCO Olefin HD RV Covers come with a storage bag, ladder cap, extra reinforcement material, and rain/gutter spout protectors.ADCO RV

ADCO SFS AquaShed Designer Series

Protect your 5th Wheel RV with the ADCO SFS AquaShed Cover. Ideal for climates with intense moisture and moderate sun including all northern states and Canada. The triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel beads water on contact. High performance triple layered polypropylene, two-toned sides ensure maximum breathability and virtually eliminate mold and mildew. 2 year warranty. All ADCO SFS AquaShed RV covers come with ladder cap, extra reinforcement material, rain and gutter spout protectors. travel-trailer-rv-cover

ADCO Storage Lot (4-layer Polypropylene)

The 4-layer Polypropylene construction on the roof and sides of this cover is Designed for long term storage, this material is highly water repellant and UV resistant. Fully breathable to prevent mold and mildew. Available in the color Tan. 2 year warranty. ADCO Storage Lot Cover Side View.jpg

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