RV Cover FAQs

Why should I choose a CoverQuest RV Cover?

Here at CoverQuest, we offer covers by leading RV Cover manufacturers: Carver Industries and ADCO Products. We stand apart from our competition by offering only the highest quality products, excellent customer service, and fast, free shipping. Should you have a question, a problem, or simply need assistance choosing the correct cover for your unit, our friendly staff is more than happy to help you. We are a small office, and covers are our expertise, unlike big box stores which sell hundreds of items. Any questions you may have will be answered quickly and accurately. Give us a call, email, or Live Chat with us with any questions or concerns.

How do I measure my RV for a CoverQuest RV Cover?

Taking a physical measurement is best when selecting an RV Cover. Measuring the unit will ensure that you get the best fit possible and protect your entire unit. While manufacturer specifications are usually a good guideline to go by, they sometimes include or leave out items which may or may not need to be taken into account. For example, many trailer manufacturers often times include the length of the tongue in the unit’s posted overall length dimension. Since most trailer owners do not wish to cover the tongue, ordering by manufacturer specifications may result in getting a cover that is too large.

Carver and ADCO recommend that you measure the length and height for their covers a bit differently.  However, some things will remain the same when taking measurements.

When measuring for a Carver RV Cover, you will need to measure the overall length of your unit not including either the ladder or the spare tire. When measuring your unit’s height, you should start from the base of the unit (not the ground), and measure to the top of the roof, not including any roof mounted accessories like AC units. Carver crafts their covers with added material to accommodate for these items, so including them in your measurements is not needed. 

When measuring for an ADCO RV Cover, measure the overall length of your unit including both the ladder and spare tire, if applicable. The height of the unit should be measured from the ground up. You do not need to include AC units or roof mounted accessories in your height measurement, as their covers are built with added height for those items. 

With each of these manufacturers covers, you traditionally would not include your tongue or propane tank in your measurement, as the covers are not designed to accommodate for them. Width measurements should always be the units body alone, not including awnings, mirrors, or other protrusions. Carver and ADCO covers are all made to fit the posted size range, so if your unit is even just an inch or two longer than what is listed, we advise to order the next larger size.

For more information on measuring, visit CoverQuest’s RV Cover Guide.

Do CoverQuest RV Covers allow me to access my unit while it is covered?

Most of our RV Covers (except certain styles which are listed below) will have zippered entries along the passenger side, allowing you access to your unit no matter where your door may be. The only exceptions are ADCO Storage Lot Travel Trailer Covers, Carver’s Mini/Ultra Lite Trailer covers, all pop up/folding trailer covers, and Carver Class B & Cargo Van RV Covers. Toy Hauler covers will have an additional door located at the rear of the unit. For further clarification on door access, you can always reference the product’s detailed description or the RV Cover Guide.

Are CoverQuest RV Covers Waterproof?

Would you believe us if we told you that waterproof is not a desirable feature for an RV Cover? If a cover is waterproof it will repel precipitation such as rain, but it can also work to trap moisture underneath the cover. It is inevitable that moisture of some type will work its way under the cover eventually, such as evaporation of morning dew, or simple humidity in the air. If you have a waterproof cover, this will of course work to keep moisture out, but will also function to trap the moisture in. Waterproof RV Covers will cause mold, mildew, and rust, effectively causing more damage than they prevent. CoverQuest covers are highly water repellent while maintaining maximum breathability. We also offer covers with waterproof roof panels and breathable sides. Contact a CoverQuest expert to determine which is the best material for your area and concerns.

Will CoverQuest RV Covers accommodate my AC units and other roof mounted accessories?

Yes. When measuring the height of your unit, you do not need to include these objects in your measurements. All of our covers are made with added height to accommodate for roof mounted accessories.

Can CoverQuest RV Covers scratch my unit?

No. CoverQuest RV Covers are all crafted from non-abrasive fabrics. We have been offering these covers for years with excellent customer satisfaction. They are tough enough to protect your RV, but soft enough so that they are not abrasive to the unit. Want to see for yourself? Contact us via phone, email or Live Chat - we are happy to send you material samples. 

CoverQuest Tip: Install your RV Cover on a clean, debris free unit. This will prevent dirt and debris from being rubbed into the paint finish which could cause scratching or swirl marks.

Can I get a custom fit RV Cover?

Perhaps your unit is shaped differently than the typical motorhome or trailer, or your dimensions are simply not matching up with the covers offered. CoverQuest offers custom made RV Covers, which are crafted using the dimensions you provide. These RV Covers will be made to order per your specifications by ADCO or Covercraft Industries. If you would like a custom fit RV Cover, contact us by phone, email, or Live Chat to request a dimension sheet for your particular style unit. A photo of your unit may be requested. 

How do I install my CoverQuest RV Cover?

  1. Place the rolled cover on the front end of the roof.
  2. Roll the cover to the back end of the roof.
  3. Working from front to back, spread the cover to the side edges of the roof. If a ladder cap or gutter spout protectors were included with your RV Cover install these now.
  4. From the ground, use a stepladder and work from front to back to pull the cover down over the sides of the RV. Adjust the fit as necessary.
  5. Before securing the elasticized hems, you may wish to use a reinforcement kit (included with many covers) to add protection to stress areas such as sharp corners or edges. 
  6. Secure the elasticized hems under the front and rear of the RV.
  7. Most covers have attached tie down straps along the bottom hem of the cover. Slide the straps under the unit and connect on the opposite side, pulling tight.
  8. Using the extra-long tie down straps (included with most styles), secure the cover and adjust to create a snug fit. Most covers also have an adjustable strap system attached to the front of the unit to provide a more secure fit.

Click here for an ADCO Products RV Cover installation video

How much do CoverQuest RV Covers weigh

The weight of your specific RV Cover will depend on both the material/cover chosen, and the size and style of your unit. Carver covers are typically heavier than ADCO covers. Carver covers are made with a tough marine grade polyester canvas, and are therefore heavier. We are happy to provide you with the exact weight of any RV Cover - just give us a call, email, or Live Chat with us.

How do I clean my CoverQuest RV Cover?

Each cover manufacturer provides slightly different care instructions. Carver RV Covers should be cleaned with a solution of water and a mild soap, such as Ivory. After rinsing out all soap completely with a hose, allow the cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage. If you do not have a space large enough to allow the cover to dry properly, you can always put it back on the unit while it dries, since the cover is completely breathable. ADCO advises rinsing their covers with water only and hanging it to dry on a clothes line. 

Have a question not listed here? Contact one of our cover experts by calling 1-888-726-9300, e-mail, or Live Chat.

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