Select the Right Car Cover For Your Needs

cvrleaf (1).jpgWhen choosing a Car Cover there are many fabric options available, each fabric specially designed to provide optimum protection for specific conditions. We recommend selecting the cover fabric that best suits your needs.

Indoor Car Cover Options

All car cover fabrics can be used for indoor storage, however Covercraft does have some car cover designs and fabrics that are exclusively for indoor use:

Each of these indoor car covers are extremely soft and dust resistant, they provide the perfect level of protection needed for indoor storage use.

Outdoor Car Cover Options

If your car is going to be stored outdoors, these Covercraft outdoor car covers are what you need to shield your vehicle from the elements:

Whether you decide on a layered or woven fabric cover, each fabric offers a wide-range of protection to defy the rigors outdoor storage.

Car Covers for Extreme Heat and UV Ray Protection

If you live in Vegas, Phoenix or Miami you know all about extreme heat and the damage caused by prolonged UV exposure. Among the car cover fabrics recommended for outdoor use, these covers are specifically designed to provide additional protection against UV rays in areas of intense sun:

Extreme heat and intense sun will wreak havoc on your cars paint over time. If you’re going to be parking your car outside for an extended period the above Covercraft outdoor car covers are a must.

Winter Weather Car Covers

If you live in the Midwest, Northern States or Canada, winters can be harsh, and each year they feel like they come earlier, and last longer. If you’re storing a car outside in the winter you need to be sure to pick a car cover that can stand up to the winter weather extremes. These Covercraft Cover fabrics are specifically designed to protect your car from winter weather elements such as rain, snow and ice:

Car Covers for All Weather Protection

If you need year round car cover protection these outdoor covers are effective no matter what weather each season brings. Covercraft designed each of these covers with fabrics that provide superior protection for your vehicle, year round.

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