Selecting and Measuring Your Boat Cover

We recommend specific covers that are fit guaranteed for most boat models, applied by the boats year, make and model. However, if you are unsure of your boats year make and model or it is not listed we can always apply a cover by the boats style and dimensions. Search for your boats style using our boat style finder. Then select your boats dimensions to start finding covers. Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Measuring for a Boat CoverIf searching for a cover by your boats style and dimensions you will need to measure your boat. Measuring your boat for the best fitting cover can be simple and quick. First, determine the widest point of your boat. For most boats, this is the transom. Measure across the boat from outside edge to outside edge in a straight line. This is the beam width.

To determine the centerline length of your boat, measure from the tip of the bow or pulpit to the end of the transom (do NOT include the motor). Take this measurement as straight as possible to get an accurate measurement. A quick tip is to lay an object, such as a brick, on the ground or the dock even with the tip of the bow, and another object even with the end of the transom. Then measure the distance between the two objects. This will ensure that you are not measuring contours, but length only. Windshields, center consoles, and standard features are already accounted for by the manufacturer.

If your boat is equipped with an extended swim platform, trolling motor, anchor roller, motor bracket or jack plate be sure to add the extra length to the centerline length of the cover. If you are looking at a Custom Fit Cover, accommodations for these types of accessories are sometimes accounted for, just give us a call at 1-888-726-9300, emailor Live Chat with us to find out.

Once you have these measurements, you will be ready to proceed with your order. Begin searching here. Questions? Contact us via Live Chat, 1-888-726-9300, or email.

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