Replacement Canvas for Your Pontoon Bimini Top

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Pontoon that Needs a Bimini Top Replacement Cavas

Is it time to replace your Bimini Canvas? 

Boat owners are usually faced with having to replace their Bimini tops canvas far before the frame has seen its last days. Harsh marine conditions and mother nature eventually take their toll on any fabric, resulting in tears, holes and just plain old rot. Don’t fret though, we have you covered! Replacing your pontoon’s Bimini Top canvas is much easier than you might think!

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Pontoon with Blue Bimini Top on the Water

Only the Best for Your Boat

CoverQuest offers replacement Bimini top canvases for pontoon and deck boats that will have you back on the water and in the shade in no time! CoverQuest is picky about the products we sell, so we strictly offer US made Bimini replacement canvases. These are made in Landrum, SC by Carver Industries: the first manufacturer to offer a quality pontoon Bimini replacement canvas which is guaranteed to fit any frame on the market. If you only want the best for your boat, you have come to the right place!

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Why are our Bimini Top Canvases Better?

We are glad you asked! We truly take pride in offering the best quality products on the market and backing them with amazing customer service. Below are some other features that make our replacement canvases tower over the competition.

Guaranteed to Fit

Our replacement canvases are designed to fit any 4-Bow, square tube frame that mounts between 90"-102" wide. We guarantee it! Canvases are available in 8', 9' and 10' lengths.

Zippered Sleeves

Who wants to have to take apart their frame to install their new canvas? No one! We have installed zippered sleeves at each bows sleeve to make installation and removal a breeze!

Light Cut-Out

Running light cut-outs come standard on each pontoon replacement canvas. Each cut out is reinforced with marine grade black acrylic binding and is located at the center of the rear bow.

Quality Fabrics

CoverQuest Replacement Bimini Top fabrics are offered in quality marine grade fabrics that are all made in the USA!

Made in the USA

All of our Pontoon Bimini Top Replacement Canvases are made in the USA by Carver Industries, in Landrum, SC. Carver's devotion to manufacturing high quality products with extreme attention to detail is unmatched!

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