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Protect your Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel, Motorhome or Camper with a quality RV Cover made by ADCO. Manufactured with water repellent and breathable materials like Olefin HD and SFS Aquashed for all-weather protection. Our covers are guaranteed to fit your RV, and come with the industries best warranties. Enjoy FREE shipping on all covers within the continuous USA. Select your RV style below to get started.

Measuring Your RV For A Cover

Measure from bumper to bumper

For Carver brand RV covers, take your measurement from bumper to bumper, not including ladders, tongues/hitches or spare tires.

For ADCO covers, take your measurement from bumper to bumper, including everything you would like covered, like spare tires or ladders. We do not recommend covering the tongue/hitch on bumper pull units.

When measuring your unit's height for any of our covers, measure from the bottom of the unit's body or mid-wheel (not the ground) to the top of the unit. Do not include the added height of any roof mounted equipment (like an a/c unit).

How to Measure

About ADCO RV Covers

ADCO RV Covers and Accessories

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ADCO Products was established in 1955 as a family owned sewing business, and they have been making covers ever since. ADCO covers are made from SFS AquaShed and Olefin HD materials.

• Olefin HD is ideal for all weather climates, especially areas with high UV exposure and wind. The Olefin HD top panel provides maximum protection from moisture and the sun’s damaging rays. Olefin covers have a 3 year warranty.

• SFS AquaShed Designer Series is best for climates with intense moisture and moderate sun, including all northern states and Canada. The triple layer SFS AquaShed top panel beads water on contact. AquaShed covers come with a 2 year warranty.

ADCO Designer Series covers feature zippered panels for easy access to the door of your unit. These water repellent and breathable covers protect your RV from mold and mildew.

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Installing Your RV Cover

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We Only Sell The Highest Quality Covers

Call it old fashioned, but we actually care about our customers and their vehicles. We've been helping our customers protect their RVs for over 20 years. When you choose CoverQuest for your cover, you can have confidence in your purchase. We only sell the highest quality ADCO RV covers, and our covers have a fit guarantee. Find out why our customers stay loyal to us, returning for all of their cover and accessory needs!


Lance S.

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Fits perfectly. Snugs down around the top and around the bottom nicely. No extra fabric to roll up or fold over. Easy zipper access to the door. Thanks for the tire covers! Measure your trailer and order the correct size. It looks great on my RV

Cindy A.

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Thank You Coverquest! Just the perfect fit! Already on the unit and holding up to weather and wind elements!

John R.

Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled
Excellent product, just like your ad said. Would recommend you and the cover to all my friends.

Barbara M.

Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled
Great cover for our pop up! Fits well and is easy to put on. Very nice quality fabric. Nothing like the cheap plastic-y covers. Feels like a nice thick fabric. Hopefully, will last at least a few seasons.

Steven P.

Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled Icon, star filled
Order process was very easy. Delivery of cover timely and the tracking process was great. So far the cover is good, easy to install and fits perfect.

RV Cover Buying Guide: Which Cover is Right for You?

Whether you're covering your RV for a few weeks or a few months, it's important to select the right cover. We're here to answer your questions and help guide you to the best cover for your RV. Not all covers are created equal and depending on where you store your RV and the climate, choosing the right cover fabric is essential.

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Do I need to cover my RV

RV covers are designed to provide protection for your motorhome, travel trailer, or camper. They fully cover your RV, defending it against harmful UV rays, moisture, and other environmental hazards that can fade your RV's exterior, and cause cracking on the roof. Unlike a tarp, which can flap in the wind and cause scratches, RV covers are specifically designed to fit your RV type and are made from protective fabrics.

Waterproof vs. water repellent RV covers

Waterproof RV covers or tarps are not recommended by professionals or RV owners who have experience with them. These covers are not breathable, which means that moisture accumulates and breeds large amounts of mold and mildew. Water resistant or water repellent RV covers, on the other hand, are breathable, facilitating the escape of moisture, while still offering a water repellent barrier between your unit and the elements

Best RV cover for winter

Classic Accessories Skyshield offers the highest possible resistance to intense sun, heavy rain, and snow. The roof of the cover is constructed from Dupont Tyvek, which is proven to provide a completely weatherproof barrier. The sides of this cover are a lighter weight, rip stop fabric which is easy to handle, along with being excellent for high winds.

Best RV cover for sun/UV protection

ADCO’s DuPont Tyvek Plus Wind is specially designed for intense UV exposure. The top roof panel provides maximum protection from moisture and the damaging UV rays. Triple layered polypropylene sides ensure maximum breathability to eliminate mold and mildew.

Best RV cover for rainy climates

ADCO’s SFS AquaShed Designer Series is made for climates with significant rainfall. The top panel beads water on contact. High-performance, triple-layered polypropylene sides provide maximum breathability to prevent mold and mildew.

Storage lot covers

A storage lot cover is specifically designed for long term storage. These heavy duty covers feature a snug fit with added reinforcement for extra durability. Built-in vents throughout the roof line maximize breathability and prevent billowing.

At CoverQuest we carry ADCO and Classic Accessories RV covers in breathable water-repellent fabrics. Our RV covers come with a fit guarantee. If you're looking for the right cover, you're likely to find it here. We're available via email, chat or phone, 1-888-726-9300 to answer any of your cover questions. 

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