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WeatherShield HP Car Cover Storage Bag

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Warranty 4 year warranty
  • Made in the USA


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Product Ratings

  • 5 Water Repellent
  • 4 UV Resistant
  • 5 Snow/Ice Protection
  • 2 Dent/Ding Protection

Product Description

The ultimate in all-weather protection. Known for its ability to shed water and stop dust, dirt and tree sap. The silky smooth finish of this cover will glide over your vehicle’s finish. This compact cover offers all weather protection and is machine washable, fade resistant and environmentally friendly.

WeatherShield HP Car Cover Storage Bag Description

Don't ball-up your car cover in the trunk! Store it the right way with a Car Cover Storage Bag. Made from the same durable material to match your car cover. Use this storage bag to hold your folded or rolled-up car cover so that it won't take up too much space in your trunk or rear-cargo area.

The Covercraft Car Cover Storage Bag holds any car cover for dust-free storage.


  • The Covercraft Car Cover Storage Bag provides dust-free storage for any car cover
  • A more compact way to hold your cover in your trunk or garage
  • Made of durable matching car cover material with a drawstring closure
  • A great way to keep your car cover dust-free when not on your vehicle